Little One Leftovers

A few idle thoughts Thursday while planning The Next Big Adventure …

• Why is it that after children’s yoga class the Little One is anything but relaxed? Isn’t this the point, or am I missing something? The Little One participates in a yoga class once a week at a YMCA. He loves it. Daytime Dad thinks it’s great, too.
Some days Little One leaves class pretending he’s a shark searching for its next meal. Other days he’s a skunk, or a (runaway) train, or a giraffe, depending on the activity. Daytime Dad is waiting for the day he leaves the class somewhat centered.

• How many 3-year-olds eat shrimp? This one does, and I can only imagine what’s next.

• Little One wakes up in middle of the night and mutters something inaudible but ends with ‘woods.’ Daytime Dad kisses Little One, holds him close and tells him it’s time to go back to sleep. Daytime Dad then spends what feels like hours wondering what Little One meant.  

• At a recent trip to a meat market, Little One walks in and tells everyone in earshot, and perhaps a few who weren’t, that “we need chicken!” The look from one of the employees made me wish he’d yell it again.

• Little One is more than just a Little Independent these days. There isn’t much he won’t try to do on his own, which Daytime Dad encourages, save for a few instances when time is of essence.

In one of those instances, Little One exclaimed – demanded, actually – that he put his underwear and pants and shoes and shirt on ‘all by myself!’

So the underwear went on backward, as did the pants and shoes.

“I did it!” he yelled.

Daytime Dad gave him the moment.

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2 Responses to Little One Leftovers

  1. Reminds me of the time our little 4-year-old girl showed up at Family Swim at the Y after having put on her bathing suit — by herself.

    She left her underwear — poking out the sides — on under her bathing suit.

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