Caffeine? Yes (please)

We roll through the drive-thru lane at Dunkin’ Donuts, and Daytime Dad asks for the usual – an iced coffee, decaf, and with milk only.

At the window, Little One subtly – OK, there was nothing subtle about it – tells the Dunkin lady what he would like.

“Coffee!” he screams. “I want a coffee!”

Great idea! If there’s anything Little One needs, it’s a shot in the arm.

 “You want a coffee?” Daytime Dad says.

“YES! YES!” Little One responds. “Coffee is good.”

(Note: Daytime Dad has never given Little One coffee and mom doesn’t drink the stuff. So, he’s either lying or someone pulled a fast one. I’m going with the latter. Paging grandparents … ).

One of Daytime Dad’s favorite sports expressions is “go big or go home.”

“Why stop there?” Daytime Dad says. “How about a double espresso? Or, better yet, a triple? They do those here, right?”

“YEAH!” screams Little One. “I want a ‘press oh.’”

Daytime Dad and Little One leave Dunkin’ Donuts. The coffee was great, and Little One thoroughly enjoyed his … apple juice.

“Maybe next time,” Daytime Dad says, “or, better yet, in 15 years.”

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One Response to Caffeine? Yes (please)

  1. Jen Hazard says:

    Nice to see the blog up and running. Thank you for the retweet yesterday, and for including Cute Potato on your blog roll!

    This is a fun post. My little guy loves to make coffee with me in the morning, and regularly asks to smell the cup once the coffee is poured. I wonder if I’m fostering future caffeine addiction.

    In the mean time, look forward to seeing you on FB.

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