Dazzled by dump truck

Few things entertain Little One these days like big trucks, tractors and bigger trucks.

After leaving a Dunkin’ Donuts one late morning, we cruise past a parked dump truck in the shopping center’s parking lot.

“A dump truck!” Little One screams. “Let’s go see it!”

Daytime Dad thinks to himself, ‘it’s a dump truck,’ but brakes his vehicle, makes a sharp right turn and pulls up next to the 18-ton behemoth.

Little One is flipping out, easily awed by the truck’s hydraulic awesomeness.

We sit and laugh at one another and then we sit in silence.

A good five minutes pass before Daytime Dad realizes that, indeed, a dump truck has us this captivated.

Moving on. Here’s a couple notes and observations from recent days with
Little One …

• Little One calls Daytime Dad at work and says, “Daddy, I’m crying and I hit the wall.”
Daytime Dad, who after 5 p.m. morphs into Deadline Dad, wonders to himself, ‘literally or figuratively?”

• When Little One gets hungry (or hung-ree, as he says), he tells us, “I want something.” What he really means is, “I want cheese.”

• While riding around this week, an exhausted Little One began to fade like a setting sun. Swaying his head back and forth, he looks at Daytime Dad and requests “the nap song.”
Daytime Dad wrote the “the nap song” a few months back, and it’s sung to the melody of “Are You Sleeping? (Frere Jacques)”)
It goes like this:
“I am tired, I am tired
n-a-p, n-a-p
Going to lie down
Going to take a snooze
for an hour,
maybe two”
What Little One once loathed, he now requests. Daytime Dad happily belts out the song not once, not twice but three times.

It works, as Little One dozes into dreamland by the third go-around.

Next up: A song on hitting walls and maybe another on eating a vegetable or three.

• Little One’s new favorite word is ‘funky.’ Say it to him and he’ll almost assuredly break into a fit of laughter.
Daytime Dad thinks it’s hilarious, too, except when Little One says it repeatedly, which can make the word sound something entirely … different.

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1 Response to Dazzled by dump truck

  1. Susan says:

    Love your blog – got through at one job but not other. Will try at home too. Yay for nap song!! xoxo

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