Little Leftovers: Weekly task

Here are a few idle thoughts as Daytime Dad wonders when Little One #2 will arrive …

  • Little One scurries into the ‘Prime Time’ room at the YMCA, a place where children can play while parents/guardians can go and enjoy/suffer through a workout. Little One reaches the gate, turns around and says, ‘daddy go exercise.’ Daytime Dad can’t help but laugh as he remembers the days when Little One would stand at the very same gate and scream, ‘daddy come back!’
  • Little One lies down for a nap and asks Daytime Dad to sing the donkey song. Daytime Dad has no idea what that is. He’s never sung a donkey song nor made one up, although it’s been added to a list that also includes buying more batteries.
  • Little One no longer enjoys shrimp. Hey, it was fun while it lasted.
  • It’s common for Little One to want to help Daytime Dad with some chores during the week. Every Friday, for example, Little One brings the empty garbage can from the street to the garage by himself. This must be a difficult task because the teenage boys across the street struggle with this each week.
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1 Response to Little Leftovers: Weekly task

  1. Ann Reily says:

    Hey Bill – just caught up on your adventures, great reading! Hope all is well with you and your family!

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