Hello, little lady

She came out crying, her 7-pound, 14.3-ounce body squirming like an inch worm.
She moved both her legs, each with distinct rolls, but kept her eyes shut. Her arms hung by her delicate side, but her minuscule fingers wiggled up, then down.
Daytime Dad, already smitten, knew right then his little girl would forever have his heart, as well as have him wrapped around her fingers.
She gently cried and was quickly reunited with her mother, who came out of her second delivery even more amazing than the first.
Daytime Dad believes in miracles. He believes in magic, but not the kind exhibited by teen wizards on big screens. He believes in faith, beauty and love, especially the kind that leaves one speechless.
On the second Sunday in June, in the wee hours of the morning, all were present when Little One #2 made her memorable entry to the world.
Daytime Dad gently takes his daughter into his hands and places her over his heart. He wishes the moment – which felt just as surreal as when Little One #1 arrived a little more than three years earlier – could last forever.
Hours pass, the sun makes its Sunday debut and Daytime Dad wonders what changes lay ahead, what adventures await and what this little girl will someday become.

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