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Adventure on the high seas

Little One #1 strapped on his life preserver, put on his ‘Rock Hero’ hat and proclaimed himself ready to go.Save for one detail — the life preserver was not strapped on as advertised — he indeed looked ready. Daytime Dad … Continue reading

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‘Glad we had this chat’

Daytime Dad looks over Little One #2, who is a little more beautiful than the day before. It’s late, sometime after 2 a.m., and she isn’t exactly screaming but she isn’t exactly sleeping, either. Daytime Dad is tired, but what … Continue reading

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For the love of fluff

Little One #1 peers out the window at the house on the corner as our vehicle comes to a rolling stop. He fixes his gaze on the front steps, where he hopes to catch a glimpse of the ‘Fluffy Dog,’ … Continue reading

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Yeah, but can he hit the curve?

Daytime Dad has set three goals for Little One #1 to reach this summer. Well, there are more, but with respect to space and bogging his already energetic mind down, we’ll start with three. 1. Learn how to ride a … Continue reading

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Doctor diaper

Little One #1 grabs his little chair and positions himself next to Daytime Dad. Our patient — Little One #2 — lies on the operating, er, changing table with a luck of puzzlement. “Doctor, we need the Desitin,” Daytime Dad … Continue reading

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