Yeah, but can he hit the curve?

Daytime Dad has set three goals for Little One #1 to reach this summer. Well, there are more, but with respect to space and bogging his already energetic mind down, we’ll start with three.
1. Learn how to ride a bike. Every parent has his/her own theories on how to get their children to pedal on their own.
Here is Daytime Dad’s: Plop Little One on bike, push down driveway, cheer wildly and hope for the best.
Actually, Daytime Dad is looking for suggestions on this one …
2. Learn how to swing on his own. How difficult is it to pump one’s legs out then in? Apparently, it’s quite the challenge. Daytime Dad wonders if Little One #1 knows how to do it but is holding back for the ‘big boy’ push. Hmm …
3. Fine tune his baseball mechanics. Little One #1 made contact for the first time with a (soft) baseball recently. It was a proud moment for both. Little One #1 has a good swing, but needs work on his follow-through and balance. Daytime Dad thinks Little One #1 will eventually hit for power but we’re focusing on him hitting to all fields, shortening up his swing with two strikes and not running to the sandbox after just 30 seconds of instruction.

Here are a few other idle thoughts as Little One #2 moves out of newborn diapers …

• Babies make the funniest noises, and Little One #2 is no exception. Sometimes while sleeping she belts out a grunt that is eerily similar to the trumpet noise an elephant makes. Throw in a high-pitched howl, and it’s an African safari in the bedroom.

• Funny line from Little One #1 while on the phone with Daytime Dad one night.
DD: “What are you doing?”
Little One #1: “Oh, just hanging out with my mom.”
Little One #1 is turning out some doozies of late — “are you kidding me?” and “that’s brutal” are personal favorites — but this tops them all.

• Little One #1 starts preschool in the fall. This should be entertaining. Already, he’s asking about taking the bus.

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