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One shot, two shots and away we go

The first needle plunged into her right thigh, and the look Little One #2 gave was enough to make Daytime Dad scoop her up off the table and make a break for the door — sorry, doc, but we’re out of … Continue reading

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Wait, we are outside

“Are we done yet?” Little One #1 asks impatiently. “I want to go outside.” Daytime Dad looks up at him and places the box of blueberries on the ground next to the box, which holds three empty quarts. “We have … Continue reading

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Smile! Wait, Bon Jovi?

Little One #2 lies silently in her crib and gazes up at Daytime Dad, or maybe it’s the ceiling. Her big, blue eyes pop from her face and she wiggles her hands in the air. She extends her legs, wiggles … Continue reading

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