Smile! Wait, Bon Jovi?

Little One #2 lies silently in her crib and gazes up at Daytime Dad, or maybe it’s the ceiling. Her big, blue eyes pop from her face and she wiggles her hands in the air.
She extends her legs, wiggles the hands again, and then it happens quicker than it takes a hungry horsefly to find Daytime Dad at Reid State Park (what is up with these things?)
Her lower lip drops and her mouth is open.
She … She … She smiled!
While Little One #2 has smiled for Off-For-The-Summer Mom, this is the first one she flashed for Daytime Dad.
Some other idle thoughts and observations as the summer starts to slowly (real slowly, please) slip away …

• Little One #1 took his first swim lesson when he was 10 months old. He’s three now, and next month he will be in PWP — Pool Without Parent. Little One #1 is being recommended, and rightly so, to take what is called a Pike swim class that will be parentless.
The next session begins in September, which also coincides with Little One #1’s preschool debut.
Big changes are coming this fall, and Little One #1 is ready for them. Daytime Dad? Not so much.

• On a recent drive through town, Little One #1 asks Daytime Dad to find Bon Jovi on the radio.
Daytime Dad isn’t sure how Off-For-The-Summer Mom pulled this off, but she did.
Impressive work.

• Little One #2 is growing so fast that she has out-grown some — OK, many — of her 0-3 month clothes.
She’s seven weeks old.
Daytime Dad predicts she will be in 2T clothing by November.

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