One shot, two shots and away we go

The first needle plunged into her right thigh, and the look Little One #2 gave was enough to make Daytime Dad scoop her up off the table and make a break for the door — sorry, doc, but we’re out of here!
Of course, Daytime Dad knows the shots — yes, shots as in plural — would help keep his little girl healthy, so he did the next best thing: Hold her minuscule fingers in his hand.
Little One #2, her face as red as cooked radishes, grabbed a hold of Daytime Dad’s fingers and squeezed tight. She didn’t want to let go, so Daytime Dad let her squeeze some more.
She let out an outward scream. Daytime Dad followed with an inward one.
She held tight, tighter.
One of the top responsibilities of being a parent is protecting your children and making them feel safe. Your trust is as invaluable as a heartbeat.
It’s for this reason Daytime Dad let Little One #2 squeeze his fingers until they changed color from white to red to, ultimately, purple.
She cried, her eyes shut, and she cried some more.
The second needle followed, and sequence of events pretty much mirrored how the first one went.
“You can pick her up now,” the doctor said.
Daytime Dad picked up his crying bundle and rested her on his shoulder. He ran his fingers through her black hair and whispered, “you’re so brave, little one. Daddy is right here.”
Slowly, the cries went to soft sobs, then receded to sniffles.
Her tight grip on Daytime Dad’s shirt only confirmed what he already knew: She felt safe and loved in his arms.

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