Hello, preschool

Little One #1 scurries out of the car, grabs his backpack and slings it over his shoulder.
Daytime Dad, anticipating a call for help, stands by his side.
“Help, daddy,” Little One #1 says, as if on cue.
“OK, OK,” Daytime Dad says, his fingers curiously trembling as he pulls the straps over Little One #1’s broad shoulders.
Little One #1 scurries across the driveway and heads to a staircase that leads to …
The day has finally arrived.
Daytime Dad is equal parts thrilled and a bit saddened to see his son go off to (gulp) school.
Thrilled, because he knows how much fun Little One #1 will experience. Thrilled, because it’s a new adventure, and new adventures bring fresh perspectives and help mold character. Thrilled, because a whole new world will soon open for his little guy.
Saddened, because the first day of school confirms what Daytime Dad already knew — that time stops you, not the other way around. Saddened, because Daytime Dad has long cherished his mornings with Little One #1.
Like a sugar-buzzed bunny, Little One #1 hops up the stairs, with Daytime Dad and Almost-Back-To-Work Mom in tow.
Parents on the first day sat in on the class to help acclimate their children to preschool.
Daytime Dad liked what he saw and who he met, giving him confidence that Little One #1 was, indeed, in good hands.
Little One #1 also enjoyed his first day. He dressed up as a firefighter, played with Thomas the train and met new kids his age. He also liked his teachers, another plus for Day 1.
As the minutes ticked away that afternoon, Daytime Dad could only imagine what stories, what adventures and what experiences await Little One #1.

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