Let’s go to the library!

Tired and ready for a nap (wishful thinking), Daytime Dad and his two munchkins head for home after a round of errands.
“Daddy,” Little One #1 says, “I want to go to the library and read books. Can you take me to the library.”
Daytime Dad checks the time — three hours still remain before it’s time he leaves for work.
“I don’t know, bub,” Daytime Dad says.
“Please, daddy, I love the library,” Little One #1 exclaims.
Daytime Dad sighs and pauses at a stop sign. A left-hand turn will take us home. A right will lead us to the library.
Decisions, decisions.
We turn right.
Yes, we are all tired. But we had time and, most importantly, a little motivation.
In an age of computer games, video games and a bombardment of television programs aimed at the youth, it seems libraries these days are going the way of the dinosaur.
“Yay, we’re going to the library!” yells Little One #1.
Daytime Dad smiles.
After ushering both Little Ones out of the car, through a parking lot and into the library — a process that took about seven minutes longer than it should — we settle into the quiet but otherwise empty library.
Little One #1 rushes to the children’s section and begins to peruse. Daytime Dad, with a sleeping Little One #2 in a carrier, ventures to a computer to look up a mystery book he’s yearned to read.
“Daddy, what are you doing?” asks Little One #1.
“Looking up a book,” Daytime Dad responds.
“What kind of book?” Little One #1 asks.
“Oh, a mystery book,” Daytime Dad says.
With that, Little One #1 shuffles out of the children’s section and heads toward the front desk with the confidence of a lion, the speed of a tiger and the subtlety of a bull.
“Hello!” he yells to the woman behind the desk. “We need a mystery book.”
“A kids mystery book or an adult mystery book?” the silver-haired lady responds.
“It’s for daddy,” Little One #1 says with authority.
Daytime Dad laughs and the librarian proceeds with directions to the adult mystery section.
“Daddy, go get your book,” Little One #1 says.
“Aye, aye, captain,” Daytime Dad says.

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