The magic of Santa

Little One #1 looks over the wood burning stove and then up at Daytime Dad.
He appears nervous.
“Daddy,” he says, before pausing.
“Yes,” Daytime Dad responds.
“How is Santa going to get down the chimney and into the house?” the inquisitive Little One #1 asks.
“Well, he’ll slide down the chimney and … ,” Daytime Dad says, before pausing as well.
It’s not often Daytime Dad is caught off guard. In fact, he embraces his ability to consistently stay one step ahead of his always-plotting Little Ones.
This is not one of these times.
Daytime Dad sits up right and pretends to cough to buy a little extra time.
The wood stove. How does Santa enter a home through a wood stove?
Think, think, think.
“Daddy,” Little One #1 asks, this time with a sense of irritation in his voice, “how does Santa come down the chimney and get into the house with the stove?”
As quick as it takes a little boy to throw back a “red” popsicle, Daytime Dad has the answer.
“Magic,” he says.
“Magic?” asks Little One #1.
“Yes,” Daytime Dad answers. “Santa is magical. He can gets down all types of chimneys and uses his magic to get through wood stoves and fireplaces.”
The mood of the room suddenly changes.
“YES DADDY!” Little One #1 screams. “But, daddy, we can’t have a fire.”
“Yes, no fire,” Daytime Dad promises.
“Daddy, promise me you won’t have a fire when Santa comes,” Little One #1 says. “Promise me.”
“OK, I promise,” says Daytime Dad, who wonders just who, exactly, is in charge here.

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