Goodbye threes, hello fours

Yes, it’s been awhile.
Too long, indeed.
Truth be told, Daytime Dad spent a few days trying to think of a good excuse for the recent idleness in this space but couldn’t come up with anything.
As Little One #1 would say, “poop!”
OK, that made no sense, but hopefully at least some of this will …
Little One #1 turned (gulp) 4 recently.
A Lightning McQueen party that attracted about 50 cake-gobbling friends and family marked the special occasion.
The bash featured a box car race, a craft project, cake and otherwise pandemonium only 4-year-olds can create.
Little One #1, as anticipated, was in his glory.
Pre-school friends to his right. Others to his left.
He loved every moment of the party.
Daytime Dad, despite needing three full days to recover, loved it as well, albeit for different reasons.
It’s not often Daytime Dad has a moment to observe his children interact with others.
To see how they communicate. To see how they play. To see them size up a crowd. To see them throw cake.
Amidst the chaos, Daytime Dad found a bit of serenity in the maturation of a child who only four short years ago met the world.
The maturation stretches beyond vocabulary, shape recognition and the ability to zip up a coat. It’s more than just singing parts of the alphabet song or dressing himself — although that’s pretty significant.
It’s something far greater. It’s a recognition, however basic, of his world around him. It’s compassion for the well-being of others.
It’s amazing, really, to see and feel the evolution of infant to toddler to little boy.
But here Little One #1 was, on this day, more grown up than ever before.
The threes, just like the twos before them, are indeed gone.
Parts of them will be missed. Others, not so much.
This much is certain: Daytime Dad is ready for the fours.
He thinks.

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