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Making waves, memories

Little One #1 steps to the edge of the pool and without hesitation leaps into the water. His arms outstretched, he executes a perfect 10 for a belly flop. If it hurt, he didn’t show it. The instructor tells him … Continue reading

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The missing Blanky …

The search began in the kitchen. Under the table? Behind a chair? In Little One #1’s backpack (hey, it’s happened before)? No, no and no. The search proceeded to the living room, then downstairs. In a pile of laundry? Beside … Continue reading

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Elmo, a stuffed sheep and a quest for freedom

Little One #2, sensing the presence of Daytime Dad in the room, rolls over in her crib and shoves a patch of her curls out of her still-sleepy eyes. She grunts, tries to stand, then falls back into the mattress. … Continue reading

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We have a walker!

Little One #2 pulls herself up to the couch in the living room, turns around and … slowly … lets go. Daytime Dad fixes his eyes on the video camera that rests on a desk. It’s tantalizingly close but not … Continue reading

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One, two, three … dunk!

Little One #2, who isn’t so little anymore at just more than a year old, latches on to Daytime Dad with a glue-like grip. She studies the colorful fake fish attached to the ceiling and splashes her legs in the … Continue reading

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Goodbye threes, hello fours

Yes, it’s been awhile. Too long, indeed. Truth be told, Daytime Dad spent a few days trying to think of a good excuse for the recent idleness in this space but couldn’t come up with anything. As Little One #1 … Continue reading

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The magic of Santa

Little One #1 looks over the wood burning stove and then up at Daytime Dad. He appears nervous. “Daddy,” he says, before pausing. “Yes,” Daytime Dad responds. “How is Santa going to get down the chimney and into the house?” … Continue reading

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Let’s go to the library!

Tired and ready for a nap (wishful thinking), Daytime Dad and his two munchkins head for home after a round of errands. “Daddy,” Little One #1 says, “I want to go to the library and read books. Can you take … Continue reading

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Back to reality …

Back-to-Work Mommy grabs her keys and plants a well-placed kiss on each child. She blows through the kitchen toward the garage and heads for the car. The garage door cranks up, the engine turns over and the car slowly backs … Continue reading

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Hello, preschool

Little One #1 scurries out of the car, grabs his backpack and slings it over his shoulder. Daytime Dad, anticipating a call for help, stands by his side. “Help, daddy,” Little One #1 says, as if on cue. “OK, OK,” … Continue reading

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