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A collection of quick hits that make Little One, well, Little One

Smile! Wait, Bon Jovi?

Little One #2 lies silently in her crib and gazes up at Daytime Dad, or maybe it’s the ceiling. Her big, blue eyes pop from her face and she wiggles her hands in the air. She extends her legs, wiggles … Continue reading

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Yeah, but can he hit the curve?

Daytime Dad has set three goals for Little One #1 to reach this summer. Well, there are more, but with respect to space and bogging his already energetic mind down, we’ll start with three. 1. Learn how to ride a … Continue reading

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Little Leftovers: Weekly task

Here are a few idle thoughts as Daytime Dad wonders when Little One #2 will arrive … Little One scurries into the ‘Prime Time’ room at the YMCA, a place where children can play while parents/guardians can go and enjoy/suffer … Continue reading

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Caffeine? Yes (please)

We roll through the drive-thru lane at Dunkin’ Donuts, and Daytime Dad asks for the usual – an iced coffee, decaf, and with milk only. At the window, Little One subtly – OK, there was nothing subtle about it – … Continue reading

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Little One Leftovers

A few idle thoughts Thursday while planning The Next Big Adventure … • Why is it that after children’s yoga class the Little One is anything but relaxed? Isn’t this the point, or am I missing something? The Little One … Continue reading

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